Initial Progress

Posted a bit after midnight on

As I promised to myself, I worked on the site a little bit and it worked out quite nicely. I mostly spent my time fiddling around with CSS and trying to make everything look decent. I am still not very satisfied and I will continue to work on it in the following days but the site definitely looks better than it did a couple of days ago.

I am hoping that in the near-future I will get around to making some posts about my personal projects. That is the main purpose of this site, even if I keep failing to deliver. So far I have made a small, toy computer/VM that can execute a few commands (enough to make it Turing-Complete) and some extras for convenience, as well as an assembler for it so I don't have to edit its source code every time I want to load a program. I still want to improve it but that won't happen very soon so I guess I am better off making the post with what I have. I also have been working on an XML parser thing, although so far the only thing that really works is tokenization. The parser almost works, if you don't mind not having attributes :P.

Here's hoping that soon I actually make those posts sometime!